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Missionary/Missional Table and Missional Jargon
Great stuff in progress … I like this (while recognizing as one who’s in an urban or more globalized context I can’t ignore western influences) and yet the following is good stuff to ponder: “Post-Colonial refers to the socio-political emotions and realities that countries are encountering as the world moves from a western, Christendom-dominated entity to a new identity that may be a very uncomfortable. What happens when Christianity is presented as a truly indigenous way of life disconnected from the western culture with which it came? And what happens when one does NOT have to leave one’s culture-of-origin and accept western culture and/or a western Jesus? What are the implications for Christendom when the majority of the world who identify themselves as Christian are now non-white and non-western? And yet westerners still “hold the keys” to theology, ethics, and normative living…”

The simplest way to learn to converse
Nice simple ideas to keep it simple.

dot-font: Ten Tips for Top Type
My education in fonts first came from my graphic desiging Dad who was always complaining about bill boards and signs whttp://sivinkit.net/mt/mt.cgi?__mode=view&_type=entry&blog_id=3hile driving in Malaysia!

Bible Study and Scripture Reading (HT: Prodigal Kiwi(s))
“The bible is not a book to be studied. … The bible is a dangerous, world-changing, life-altering text that is out to transform the reader.” Now that our attention is caught, let’s read on!

Characterising a Journey toward Christ…?
I’ve been learning more about this day by day!

Doing Well . . . or Living Well?
This is so true …“We may revere Mother Theresa or Gandhi as examples of people who created lives of outstanding goodness while rejecting the allure of wealth, but few people hasten to emulate them.”

fantastic summary of the design process
The best humor is when it makes you think as well.

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