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PowerPoint Is Evil
I love th subtitle 🙂 “Power Corrupts.PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely.”

The Rhetoric of PowerPoint
Makes me think about the impact and influence of the medium we use has upon us as the presenters.

Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way
I think I’ve been unconsciously doing this since I’ve got my Canon A70. Not in the same way but definately “Seeing my life in a whole new way.”

Guy Kawasaki Interview
“1. Why do you believe everyone is an evangelist?

Who said that I do? I believe that everyone could be an evangelist but not that they all are–not yet, anyway.

2. What characteristics make someone an evangelist?

90% is being found or finding a great cause. God, for example, is a great cause. Then the “good news” turns you into an evangelist. So everyone could be an evangelist for something.” Interesting …

Leaving Church
timely … “Taylor puts her finger on the tension between living out what you believe you were called for, and living within the expectations that others have of a priest (almost invariably not the same thing!) To be a priest with any authenticity you have to be fully human, and yet very often it is the Church community that works against that necessity. Sometimes people will not accept ministry if you are not a priest, and yet they won’t accept your humanity if you are. Taylor also relates beautifully and tenderly the tension of living with a sense of calling, and the way in which that can so easily spill over into sheer workaholism and the inability to say “no”.”

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