Emergent Raindrops

Interesting to see the guys from Emergent Village enter the learning curve of engaging a wider theological conversation. I appreciated this comment: “In some respects, we Emergent Village guys, questioned our involvement in such a endeavor, since we are neither a church or a denomination, nor do we have an established theology, when most or all of the other people there came from backgrounds rooted in hundreds of years of history and theology. We did agree (and it was affirmed by others) that it was good for us to participate in this discussion and to process theology with others since Emergent Village brings an outside perspective that, if nothing else, raises questions and challenges (somewhat) other perspectives.”

The Heart of the Missional Church Podcasts (and more) (HT: Blind Begger)
I’m listening to the first one by Doug Pagitt now.

Why I am still an Evangelical
Nice … “I became engaged in Emerging Church conversations because I needed hope. I needed to find other Christians who had a vision for a better church. I needed to find others who wanted to recapture a 2000 year old perspective on worship. I needed to find others who in their freedom asked the same questions I asked. And so I did, and my life has been transformed by it. But, this transformation has brought me not disdain or disease with the evangelical community, but instead a deep hope that a movement of God’s Spirit is at work among it.”

The Church in Emerging Culture
I liked the book and felt it was helpful to stretch one’s thinking.

What’s Right/Wrong with the emerging church
Jason’s piece is worth looking again even if it’s 2 years old. He’s been a wonderful friend.

myths about the emerging church
This is pretty good. Here’s a sample: “myth: “emergents” don’t believe in “absolute truth”

reality: A lot of us involved in the emerging conversation believe that the term “absolute” in front of truth is a product of the Enlightenment’s quest for certainty in regards to knowledge. We believe there is truth, and we can know it, but to know it is to be involved in a relationship with the Author of all reality, and even our best attempts at knowing are chastened by our fallen nature, the limitations of language, etc. We can know, and continue to know, as we grow in our relationship with God and His people (past and present community of faith).”

The Converging Church
Good conclusion: “While some people might see all this convergence as an irresponsible and narcissistic “picking and choosing” of only the things we like from each tradtion while being naively blind to the rest of the baggage that often goes along with them; personally, I see it simply as a healthy way to appreciate the fact that there are good and valuable things in every part of the body of Christ, and that we all have something to learn from each other. In this sense the emerging church could just as well be called the converging church.”

Suggestions for Critics of the Emerging Church
Well said: “Many of the criticisms brought to the table and leveled at the emerging church are valid. There is a myriad of flaws with the emerging church movement, and much that must be corrected. There is also a myriad of flaws and concerns with the traditional conservative church. Some emerging critics of the traditional church have been too strident, and their tone has been arrogant and unkind. This probably makes criticism of the emerging church easier.

Perhaps both sides should look closer, listen better, pray more and speak with more awareness of what the other party is seeing, feeling and saying. I pray that a time of constructive guidance and partnership will come soon, and that emerging churches will be mentored and encouraged, rather than only being portrayed in exaggerated terms as betraying the heart of the Gospel.”

Emerging Church Stuff
Good links including critics too .. Andrew Jones is always worth linking!

Steve Hollinghurst Interview Part 1 & Part 2
Interesting UK perspective.

umerging: the voice of brian mclaren
wow the United Methodist enters the conversation … fascinating.

Emerging Church Update and events
Lots of good links.

What is Emerging church, does it matter?
Funny Lutheran contribution.

enough with disagreements already
I liked the way DJ Chuang created space for Tim Keller and Tony Jones and a few others to chip in.

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