Random Thoughts as I’m Centering

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There’s no way to “hurry” centering … slowing down needs time. The right kind of music helps. I like the solitude right now. I need it.

There will still be a little gap before another round of ministry. I need to improve on my manage my calender. But for now, I will honor my appointment and see what happens.

“The more demands you make on yourself. The more sleep you need.” is something I needed to hear.

Elysia’s welcome for me tonight was a little highlight for me. Thinking through the highs, the lows and the level ground experiences today was good. There’s at least one each that I write down in my journal.

There’s still “stuff” to finish later … but the “delay” now is necessary to “tune” the heart … and “settle” the mind. So often, the heart is restless, the mind is scattered.

Saw an older 2004 picture of Gareth and I just now. Oh! how he has grown 🙂 so have I!

Some priorities need immediate attention. So, help me God!

I’m feeling a little hungry.

Happy to back up some files from the notebook to the home computer. Need to free up space. This is so analogous to my life. Transfer files and free up some space?

Time is ticking so so fast. Changes are coming too … sometimes I wonder whether much of our energy is simply coping with the changes coming our way – the expected ones as well as the unexpected ones.

Thus, I’m centering a little now. Need some food to help too 🙂

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