Randoms Links 121

‘The Bluffer’s guide to heresy’
I love what they did for ‘The Bluffer’s Guide to Christian Doctrine’.

“I hear many people looking for churches with ‘good teaching’, but I am yet to hear anyone seeking a church that is committed to ‘doing the Bible stuff’.” wow!

Clayton, Philip: “The Emergence of Spirit,” Volume 20, No. 4 (Fall 2000): 3-20 (pdf)
a little bit of “science” wouldn’t hurt 🙂

Jim Wallis: If It’s Not Good News, It’s Not Evangelical
I hope Jim Wallis comes to visit Malaysia soon for some interaction 🙂

Interview with Gregory Macdonald – The Evangelical Universalist, part 1
Looks like this is going to stretch me … I’ve just finished coffee. Must do some lectio divina before plunging into “active” thinking and doing!

Conversations with Conrad Gempf
I’ll be eavesdropping on the interviews. “…one of the problems: many contemporary Christian leaders are still fighting the battles of the 1960s — a disconnected buried-in-their-bibles Christianity — instead of confronting today’s Christianity — connected, but with underdeveloped roots.”

The Tension between the “Pastoral Context” and the “Missional Context”
I can relate to this.

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