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Asian American Emergents skypecast this Sunday
For me it was monday morning and I REALLY enjoyed this chat. Glad there are 25minutes of Mp3 for others to eavesdrop in.

Reformation 1: Scot McKnight at Westminster (updated)
I like the picture used with the words “The Reformation will be blogged.”

The 5 Books on Emerging Church You Need to Buy
I got 4 out of 5 .. yeah!

The Skinny on the Emerging Church Forum at WTS
Andrew Jones is appreciative and provides great links: “They let the emerging church speak with its own voice. They allowed both sides of the debate. And they showed why their particular angle on the gospel and church history was, in their minds, superior. And thats cool. Every denomination or stream of the church should know how their own history has equipped them to function and succeed in today’s cultural environment, as well as the eye-planks that could cause blindspots.
It was a brave attempt and judging by the professors who chose NOT to attend, it may have been a stretch. But they pulled it off made a benchmark for other Seminaries.”

What is the Emerging Church? Full Text.
Andrew is really on the roll this week! Thanks …

Westminster Paper on Emerging
Nice to hear from Scot himself. Looking forward to read more.

What is the Emerging Church? and Misnomers Surrounding the Emerging Church. By Scott McKnight (WMA file)
This is for those who don’t mind a “softer” volumn version. Thanks Gideon! And thanks to Bob for changing it to Mp3. using headphones would work best.

The Emerging Church Talk Down Under with Don Carson
Thumbs up for the Aussies!

emergent village & full communion
Keep on blogging Dwight!

Your emerging view(s) of Jesus, please?
interesting from UK.

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