Random Thoughts after packing


I told Gareth after reading another Thomas the train story with him (again!) before he was falling a sleep tonight – “I love you Gareth. Papa Loves you.” His reply was simple in a very Manglish way, “I love you also” 🙂

28 days is pretty long this round. When I was young and single, I would feel more excitement and anticipation. There’s some level of that too for this particular “assignment” to Germany. But the difference now with a young family and knowing the challenges May Chin will have in my absence has changed the whole dynamic when it comes to traveling.

It’s nice to appreciate some of the quietness tonight. The nap did me some good.

There’s still stuff to finish tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a lunch with some sinners 🙂

Elysia sat quietly while I was finalizing some details with Carmen and Joey who are getting married in December immediately when I return. She just woke up from a “power nap” and did very well. When Mummy came back, she went to mummy!

I’m pretty laid back in some ways. And yet looking at the German Trip schedule is hmmm … well planned 🙂 I hope to really enter some level of “orientation” by tomorrow morning onwards.

28 days would give me some distance from Malaysia and plug me into a different context for a decent amount of time. I’m wondering what surprises await me. Prayerfully, good ones.

Elysia surprised me today when I went to pick her up. I saw her very much occupied with her wooden toy activity independently doing her stuff. How fast the children grow! Her vocab is expanding fast too.

As usual, May Chin did “all” if not “most” of the packing … she’s wonderful. I’m wondering what books to bring there to read. heheh.

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