Quiet Thoughts in Amsterdam Airport Schipol

The flight went pretty well this time … I got one seat with two next to me EMPTY! Yippie … what a nice stretch when it comes to sleeping huh? I did manage to get some sleep which was good.

I decided against watching the onflight movies because it usually makes me more tired. Royal Dutch Airlines had these nice reminders to drink lots of water and do some body exercise which helped me a bit. The small bottle of red wine really helped with the sleeping bit 🙂

I woke up after sleeping a mostly decent 8 hours plus. Found the solitude quite inviting as other people were still asleep. So, I started my re-reading on The Household of God by Lesslie Newbigin and later moved on to Ray Anderson’s The Shape of Practical Theology refreshing and nourishing (Check this review if you like).

I’d glad I could continue my travel log (or special journal for this trip). Surprisingly, this round the space opened by this trip was conducive for some needed “centering”. So, it doesn’t have to be that bad after all 🙂

a short time of meditating on Rev. 3:14-22 was helpful and noticed things I didn’t before. It was a “beyond the lukewarm bashing” kind of reading. The Revelation texts especially this letter to Laodicea is fertile for reflection and sharing.

Food has been good on the plane … then again I’m not too picky. As long as I have potatos and sausages? right? 🙂

14 more minutes left.

It was hard leaving when I saw Gareth crying and later we talked on the phone while I was on the train to the airport. It’s perhaps the first time he’s sending me off on a long trip like this. The last time I returned I felt he grew up a lot. I suspect it’s going to be the same this round with Elysia too.

It’s 6:03am here my boarding time is 8:40am at least. Then it’s another 1hour plus flight to Nuremberg. I do hope I have internet access as much as possible. One of the things I enjoyed the last trip was the change to keep this blog updated with pictures, reflections and other goodies.

11 minutes left.

it’s 2 degrees celsius outside I heard on the plane … Hope Germany would be slightly better. Our Malaysian pants are pretty thin!!!

it’s 6Euros for 30minutes wireless connection and 10Euros for one whole day connect. I’m glad someone left some extra time for me to use FREE!

8 more minutes.

well, what is in stall for me as well as for my hosts in Germany 🙂 There’s a program already planned. People are ready. I’m finalizing my preparations when I arrive and see what’s the final agenda and activities lined up. BUt as usual, God has his suprises (please not missing flights, not losing luggages, and not unpleasant one ok Lord? I’ve had my share). After all is said and done, we need to be open.

and with 6 minutes left. I’ll end my time here until I reach Germany. It might be good to check some mail. Until we meet again.

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