Brief Recap: Flight To Germany

It’s 9:14AM now .. Monday, November 06, 2006. The weather is “cool”

I thought it would be good to do a quick recap of the journey to bring us up to speed for those “traveling” with me in Germany. 🙂 It think I’ll make this short.

Do I miss the kids and May Chin? Yes .. and yet, we’ve had more than a few Skype Video chats with has helped a lot. Thank God for decent technology and wireless internet access in my room 312 on the highest floor here.

KLIA airport is always impressive and after a little more travel these past years, it’s getting a little easier to navigate my way on to the plane. Nowadays, they are strict on luggage only 20kg allowed to be checked in! May Chin packed enough clothes and I brought other items which were enough to be overweight. The fine was to be in Euros!!! Thankfully, adjustments could be made, so after some relocation in terms of hand luggage and the check in luggage I manged … phew!

The Royal Dutch Airline (KLM) Boeing 747 was a comfortable plane. I was happy to have three seats for myself and the space was so needed for the 8 hours of sleep I got (which is rare for my travels thus far). The bottle of wine (I’mean small bottle of wine) helped my body switch to sleep mode better 🙂 Food was ok … and I made sure I had plenty of water.

Getting through Amsterdam Airport for the transit was simple. But the 5 hour wait was a little long (but at least I won’t miss my flight). Suddenly, I noticed my return flight transit time is shorter. so, fingers crossed! I have a history of “adventures” when it comes to connecting flights. I prefer my adventures to not be in the airport:-) It was nice to sit on their comfort chairs to sleep a little and I noticed the more artistic nature of the whole airport design and decoration here and there. Interesting to see a small casino (and no I didn’t go in). Catching the sunrise was a pleasure.

My most favorite part of this journey to Nuremberg, Germany is the time to read, journal, pray, sleep and have some “solitude” I consider this to be a great gift thus far after leaving the busy life of Kuala Lumpur. Even though the program here in Germany is all organized well and appears to be packed and purposeful, there is an inner quietness and unhurriedness whichI value. Perhaps it’s a mere mindset shift, or heart adjustment. But, even as I key in these words now – that’s the state I’m in. And I’m grateful for that.

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