East-West-German-Malaysian Fusion

It’s 7:36AM, Tuesday, November 7 … and it’s cold outside with what seems to be thick fog (which I prefer in comparison to hazy smoke *smile*)

I thought I’d post up a quick loop of my dinner last Sunday. The host at the Guest house I’m staying was kind enough to leave some food and a special notice for me so I won’t be hungry. May Chin tucked in some Maggi Mee in the suite cases before I came .. so they come in handy when you need them.

So, I did a kind of “fusion” attempt with what was there in the fridge and what I had with me … It’s nice to eat this “fusion” dish I cooked up especially when the weather is cold at night. The hot soup with the ham .. yummy! 🙂

As usual there are more reflective moments applying the above insight in terms of theological thinking, missiological musings, educational philosophy, sociological insights, …. etc. hahahahah …

I’m off to breakfast and a full day of program today …

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