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The name Thomas is often associated with “doubt” but meeting Rev. Thomas Hofmann who’s the pastor of Christuskirche at Lauf, was a great new connection and the word that came to me is “dedication”. Both of us are similar in age. He looks younger though he is older. We have similar and yet different stories and pathways in ministry. One thing that keeps us together is being centered on Christ and his mission in and through the local church. It’s fun to note the church and the parsonage is on Martin-Luther-Str. Cool!

There’s so much I could talk about in Lauf because we had many fascinating conversations and engagements. But due to time, and my tendency first to focus on the people I met rather than just talking about the places and programs, I thought I’d quickly post some pictures here first.

One of the little “moments” I enjoy is when little Johannes his three year old son leads us in the table grace with a song (I’ll try to post a video once Youtube is finished with their down time!). And this little boy is so energetic and always talks to me in German and tries to get me to play with him. Before I left his big sister Marie was having her party and Igregard her mom was busy preparing for the party while Thomas had to send me back to Neuendettelsau.

I could say more about the ministry aspects of the time in Lauf. But for now, as I look back in those few days we are together. It was more like being adopted into their family and understanding what a local congregation pastor like Thomas and his family life is like. Talking with his wife Igregard (I hope I got the spelling right!) gave me insights into a pastor’s wife in Germany. And it’s not surprising that the expectations on pastor’s wives whether in the villages and/or in the city parallel much of what we experience in Malaysia. What I was happy to hear is how she is coping well as they await their third baby soon!

On a ministry note, I will be delighted to close my trip here in Germany by participating in their Gottesdienst in moderner Form (modern service) on November 26, speaking and sharing their with their congregation. More on Lauf .. another time.

Lunch is soon and I’ll be off to another place from Bayreuth to talk to some young people and tomorrow do a number of religious education classes with evangelical and catholic students (note: evangelical in Germany is a short hand for Protestant *smile* – which sounds good to me!)


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