An Evening with Vivaldi & Bach

[Choir Practise – Vivaldi Video]

I was impressed with this Lutheran Church choir … joining in the choir practice was a lot of fun especially when the choir director was so energetic, passionate and intelligently helping the members interpret the music.

There were times where even for someone like me who’s not so into classical music, I could appreciate the paradox of the simple and the complex in the music, the environment of worship the songs were meant to evoke, and the harmonies as well as the dissonance, … etc.

Though this wasn’t a concert setting with everything all sorted out, I felt drawn into times of stillness as well as adoration. Not bad for one who’s music diet tends to be ambient, rock, pop, acoustic, folk, jazz or modern music. There was something special with these musical classics from Vivaldi and Bach. I think when I return I might check out some CDs!

[Choir Practise – Bach Video]

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