Friends 2007: Appreciate Prayer Support [1]

I sent an email to some friends to pray for us the next couple of days. And I thought maybe I’d post this up so anyone following our little adventure thus far can join us in some way (at least in intercession). In a chat conversation with Bob our communications guy, he approved. Here’s a glimpse of the our short exchange:

8:34 AM me:
I might post the content (of the email) on my blog
what say you?
a vulnerable post

Robert: sure 🙂

8:35 AM the rev sivin kit is still human
me: i’m very well aware of that

Robert: despite rumours to the contrary LOL

and now the email:

“Dear friends,

Tomorrow, we will be hosting an event called “Friends in conversation 2007: A Quiet Revolution of Hope” with Brian McLaren as the guest speaker (conversation initiator) and 12 other Local respected Malaysian leaders (conversation partners) with 4 other younger leaders who serve as conversation facilitators (including myself (3 is below 35 and 1 is in her twenties!) . For more information:

I would appreciate some extra prayer support. As this is our first time doing it, and I for one am a little anxious on how it will turn out. This has been a most stressful week, the whole event was organize in 2 months with mostly volunteers (cf. that means about 10 of us!). Now to date with have 140participants for 2 days – Saturday and Sunday. Brian later will speak another day at a local ecumenical seminary on Monday. I need all the prayer I can get, physically, emotionally and spiritual (in fact not just me, but all who are working behind the scenes and on stage). I do recognize having Brian over to speak is controversial for some quarters, for others they are totally excited at the opportunity, and many in between who are curious and inquisitive. For me personally, I’m thankful to have a chance to meet him face to face for the first time (Brian’s writings and personal friendship had been a tremendous encouragement to me … even when I have areas I’m not in total agreement with him on specifics after reading his stuff depending which book and which paragraph *smile*, I suppose that’s part of friendship and being in conversation with another too.) Another joy is the chance to introduce him to some Malaysian senior leaders and emerging younger leaders (or potential leaders).

My sincere prayer is that this event and other little bonuses around it will be a blessing to the Church in Malaysia in ways I suppose only God fully knows. We takes risks in baby steps and sometimes with a little big leap. I’m sure we would fall and make mistakes at times and then pick ourselves up again. Often, we’d be surprised by the good which emerges after the dust is settled. Of course, We also need to keep my focus centered Christ and God’s purposes for us and celebrate the little victories we are reaping even now I believe which advances his agenda more than ours.

So, I’d appreciate your prayer support. Thanks.

God bless

Sivin Kit”

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