Friends 2007: Terima Kasih


Ok Alwyn and Jade is missing from this picture. But want to give you due credit 🙂 Thanks to the Friends in Conversation 2007 coordinating group and whole team for helping to make this event possible. Especially Mike Foong who worked so hard for the DVD, powerpoints and getting the sound guys working together (and his work hasn’t ended yet! Editing will begin …) while Reuben made sure the church premises was ready for us. Laurie (who went the extra mile) and Siew Foong worked especially hard to make sure the registration and name tags was in order (want to include Janelle who helped too). Kia Meng and his team who lead us into the worship liturgies … and of course, Bob (who even had a nightmare before the event , i mean “daymare” to share my stress) made sure communications was done well. Of course, we need to appreciate our wives and our kids for being patient with us and releasing us for one week (Represented here by Elaine and Charis!).And we must not forget Yew Khuen who labored with heart and soul!

Thank you to all the conversation partners too for taking the risk to be part of this.

Thank you to all the participants … for participating and being open for next steps…

Let’s not forget .. Thanks Brian … for sharing, listening, and learning together with us while gently encouraging us to look through Scripture, look at our world closely again and be open to the leading of the Spirit, by his example and encouragement.


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