Friends 2007: Catholic Participation

All the way from Malacca from a new friend from the Catholic Church there 🙂 Here’s most of what he said in his blog post.

I wanted to take my time to write this entry. After all, it was a two whole tiring days in PJ CLGC. The conversations were not that provocative or controversial. But I got interesting insights and some good reflections

Important points noted

1. The Catholic Church seeks to reduce “deep ecclesiology” by empowering the laity and making the church more accessible to the mass (Vatican Council II and on a local context PMPC III)

The Protestant Churches are moving towards “deeper ecclesiology” and seeking to be united in theology and management. A public theology is implored.

Since we are at opposite ends at this point of time moving in directions towards each other. Perhaps we could set aside some egos and shut up and learn from one another?

2. Ecumenism is very much lacking when the Malaysian churches are more interested in IRD due to political and local circumstances.

What? Ecumenism is supposed to be a western concern and IRD an Asian concern due to the melting pot we live in? It’s equally important. How do we have IRD when we cant even be ecumenism is not burning in our hearts too? How can we answer queries as to “Kristian apasal banyak church, semua ajar lain cerita punya?” and expect to share and learn of other faiths outside the Christian world?

3. The Gospel of Jesus is ” The Kingdom of God is at hand”. The good news is about Jesus. The good news of Jesus is that the Kingdom is at hand. Get the difference? All proto evangelium references in the Old Testament points to Jesus. Following Jesus points us where?

4. The shift from a “personal God” focus gradually to being a fruit bearing Christian in a Church. …”

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