Friends 2007: Christian Today Interviews Brian McLaren

(photo by Christian Today Malaysia Edition)

For the full interview go here … Interview: Brian McLaren Engaged with Malaysia’s Christian Leaders. I’ll pick out some excerpts to wet our appetites.

“… I like the way that these [conversations] are being set up. Through the conversations I have had in Malaysia, I have learnt so much.

… it is hard to explain what is “emergent”, but it is often described as friendships and networks. It is not really an organisation. There is no budget, there are no staff, but it is friends that try to stay in touch; on the internet or also by gathering together like this.

Despite all this, people tend to think that it is an organisation. But it is really a conversation and an extended friendship.

About the vision, what I can say is that we need to talk, because we have a lot of problems. We need to help one another and we need to have a global conversation.

… I think a lot of the criticisms are at the point of misunderstanding. For example, a lot of it was associated with the word “post-modern”, which is very controversial. It is a word with a thousand definitions. So a lot of people are making assumptions about me based on the assumptions on that word.

…Another issue is the way we counter people from other religions. I believe, as a Christian, Jesus is the saviour and the Lord. But I also believe, as a Christian, I have been called to love the neighbours of other religions – to enjoy them as a neighbour, and to work together with them for a more just world. But to some of my critics, they think that this should not be compromised.”

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