Random Links 139

Simply Lewis: Reflections on a Master Apologist After 60 Years

N.T. Wright has a way with words doesn’t he? 🙂 ” My Oxford tutors looked down their noses if you so much as mentioned him in a tutorial. This was, we may suppose, mere jealousy: He sold and they didnt. It may also have been the frustration of the professional who, busy about his footnotes, sees the amateur effortlessly sailing past to the winning post.

And partly it may have been the sense that the Christianity offered by Lewis both was and wasnt the mere thing he made it out to be. There is a definite spin to it. One of the puzzles, indeed, is the way in which Lewis has been lionized by Evangelicals when he clearly didnt believe in several classic Evangelical shibboleths. He was wary of penal substitution, not bothered by infallibility or inerrancy, and decidedly dodgy on justification by faith (though who am I to talk, considering what some in America say about me?).”

An Evangelical Theology of Liberation
I have fond memories of listening to Ron sider speak once!

Leonardo Boff: Theologian for All Christians
This is one conversation partner worth engaging 🙂

Discerning the Spirit
Amos Yong is one conversation partner whom I’d love to have a chance to take him out for coffee …

The Praxis of Suffering by Rebecca S. Chopp
Bedtime reading anyone? Need to print it out before reading it properly …:-)

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