Random Links 140

William Wilberforce as Evangelical Leftist?
Good challenge — > “How many evangelicals–or any of the rest of us–recognize that the long haul is the only way to get things done politically? Yes, things do eventually come to exciting crises, but the way those crises “break” has a lot to do with the processes that precede them that determine both the shape and outcome of those crises.”

The Dream of Pastoral Leadership
I’m starting to slowly get this .. “Most contemporary accounts of leadership imply that the leader is the one who asks questions, moves toward answers, and clarifies where we are and what we are doing. However, Lewis Parks and Bruce Birch note that the Christian leader may be the one who helps us live with mystery, to follow the Dream, to find meaning and direction, even when our final destination is left up to God”

Some Reasons Why the Lone “Senior Pastor” Might Not Make Sense Anymore
I have reasons why I don’t see myself as a “senior pastor” 😛

Prayer Regarding Critics and Enemies by Serbian Orthodox Bishop
I think Brian McLaren was the one who brought this prayer to my attention. Apparently, it’s re-emerging in the blogosphere again. which is a good things.

Jesus and the Eyewitnesses – Outline of forthcoming posts
I need to sit down one day with a cup of coffee (and some chips) and catch up with all these excellent posts.

DashHouse on the Evolving Church Conference
Some excellent blogging here which I would like to follow.

I confess, I havent’ read any Rob Bell books … I’ve seen his Nooma videos at local bookstores, and interestingly his name came out when I met a friend at a Buddhist wake last week … apparently, there are people in Malaysia reading him and influenced by him. So, I decided to read this interview.

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