Random Thoughts before trying to sleep

This week has been quite a week indeed. Coming back from a memorial service for Brother Eric Kirton created some space for me to reflect on significant issues.

A number of days earlier I was watching and walking with a member of my church losing his mom was hard. It’s hard to be professional about the reality of grief that comes with the losing of a loved one. I don’t think it was meant to be “professionally” handled. A lot has been going through my mind in between these memorials , during and after them.

And yet, there were also moments of celebration on Saturday, where one of our church couples celebrated the full moon for the second child . The chance to be part of my good friend Sherman Kuek‘s engagement was very meaningful … the little conversations at Seremban was especially precious. It made the drive to and fro worthwhile.

Then looking at Bangsar Lutheran Church through my good friend Paul Long’s eyes again was nice. Brought my unsettled mind to some calmness, and mixed emotions to some concrete pictures. I do miss Paul and the magic he brings.

Oh yes. .. suddenly on Thursday I lost my voice .. doctor told me I had a swollen larynx and gave me some medication. My voice was hardly recognizable but thankfully I managed to pull through the Friday night replacement class for affirmation and baptism candidates. Then on Saturday 11am, I survived speaking at ATC Christian Fellowship (which closed with a decent lunch and extra bonus conversations over some pretty good wan tan mee!). And this Sunday morning, I still could speak and sing during the worship gathering (the Lord has been merciful to me). The fun part was I persevered through the catechism class introducing and explaining ideas and pictures for holy communion, and the “Word of God”. So, vocally it’s been a pretty full weekend with severe coarse limitations.

I’m hoping to sleep well after this … and have a good break from talking the whole day on Monday while being papa on deck so my in laws can have a break. Important time for bonding for papa and Gareth (and later Elysia). Coming back from the memorial tonight, a deep impression was on how I’m spending time with my kids. That will be the thought I’m taking with be while I slip into horizontal meditation.

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