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f i f t y r e f u g e e s M a l a y s i a

Stories are so important and they give us a human, a heart and a context into what often degenerates into abstract bouncing of opinions – which very often are uninformed opinions.

Writing by Amir

Amir Muhammad’s satirical piece “Dr. Love” got me laughing and thinking. I got news his column in the New Strait Times had been spiked. I hope not.

Malaysia Today

A friend of mine alerted me to the “Are Christians Lepers?” post. After reading that, I decided to RSS this blog finally.


I’ve heard Malik Imtiaz at a number of forums … his practical advice is pretty good.

The People’s Parliament

One of these days I need to say hello to Haris.

Youth For Change

I must say they have improved their flyers and posters tremendously from the 1st one I saw last year.

A one stop place to listen to my muslim neighbors.

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