Happy Birthday, Long May Chin!


Yes, she still pretty much looks the same. My beloved wife who celebrates her thirty-something  🙂 birthday today.  The same day with her mom, which is a rare.

Her aunt and my mom go way back to the first generation youth fellowship in Christ Lutheran Church, Setapak. I’m not too sure whether May Chin and I met when we were small.  May Chin’s parents haven’t come to church yet.

I do distinctly remember meeting May Chin in Sunday School when I was 9 years old before my "prodigal" phase.

We had crazy times when we met again in our teens.  Pretty much grew up in church together. She has had an illustrious "career" in co-curricular school activities as well. Let’s not forget about her Christian Fellowship involvement too.

During her LLB days, we have adventurous times while I was in seminary. Watching her move into different phases of her career is also quite an educational experience for me.  She is definitely a leader in her own right.

And now, she is the mother of our three kids. Ewan’s look pretty much says it all, it’s one of those -"Hey, don’t you think my mom is cool?" – kind of look. Family is very important for her.  So, how she juggles all this … with a nut-case husband like me, and energetic three kids .. is absolutely amazing (please feel free to add your own superlatives in relating to that) 🙂

Well … Happy Labor Day (especially laboring for us four), The kids and I salute you .. We are grateful for everything.

Happy Birthday, dear.

May you continue to blossom in all the ways God intends you to be.

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