Random Thoughts while Contemplating Supper …


I’m living one day at a time.  One hour at a time.  One second at a time.

I miss swimming.  Maybe I might have a chance to do that tomorrow.  We’ll see.

May Chin and I had an interesting conversation during dinner.  In short, we pay tribute to those more senior and mature Christians who have gone before us and still have so much to contribute.  One thing for sure especially for younger folks like us who easily dish out ideas and opinions, some grandiose while others dreamy.  At the end of the day, the older folks get the job done and actually produce something for us to take it further then mere words.


Most of us are unable to distinguish the process of creative construction verses critical engagement in our thinking and planning together.  It takes a lot of discipline to allow the creative juices to kick in, and then an honest openness to be critical in a healthy way.  Ways that move the agenda forward rather than being stuck, or retreat.  That requires a lot of energy.

But once a glimpse of it happens … it’s rewarding and we feel a sense of accomplishment.

The road ahead is a little scary.  And I foresee a lot of energy spent necessarily, the cost will not only be great in terms of finances, but attention especially to detail.  It’s better when we’re working in a team for these matters then we help each other out. Focus on where we are strong at and then support where we are weaker.

Dreaming is fun … deciding is harder … and details tend to be tedious.   But all of these practices are part of the bigger picture.   All play a part.

Tomorrow will be another full day.  Tried to get some rest today so I could go full swing tomorrow.  Physically it’s demanding, especially when I’m not really fit as I should be.

I hear the pool calling me to swim.  And more …

And yet, now I also hear the stomach whispering …

for a bite! 🙂

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