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It’s good to get a feel of how we have been doing after a month.  And slowly but surely, some good pieces are coming in and getting published from a vast range of writers.  Here’s the latest.

Our First Month: A Review by TK Tan.

"In the space of 4 weeks we have put up 48 articles by 25 people (or sources). As another reader wrote, “This is what I like about this website: common people have a voice. There are two or three known writers. But the rest seem to be unknowns. Ordinary citizens having their say with gusto. That I find to be very encouraging indeed.” Interestingly though, our most prolific writer is an 80plus-year old man who, in his time, has brought to fruition many important Christian projects. Surely we are not going to let him carry yet another project on his back? We would like to see more articles, people."

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"The first step in reducing fuel subsidies effecting a huge price hike is now in force. Like it or not, it has become a reality. A second step is scheduled for August. How will poorer people cope? However will they circumvent this treacherous imposition of rising transportation cost, food prices, inflation affecting all basic essential goods and services? As we who are in a better position than them give vent to our displeasure and tackle the inconvenience of the times, let us not forget those who are in a far worse no-win situation. Their plight and their voices must be heard and literal helping hands must reach them. Their anxieties and suffering must not be overlooked."
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OUR MOTHER’S TRIAL by Tania, Camverra and Katrina

"The reason we are writing to you is to make a small plea. I’m sure you are familiar with the trial of Irene Fernandez, which has been going on for the past 12 years. We don’t think it’s necessary for us to go through all the case details as we are sure you’re well aware of them. To summarize it briefly she was convicted in 2003 on the charge of “maliciously publishing false news” under the Printing Presses & Publications Act and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. She is out on bail now and her appeal process is ongoing. However, there have been several glitches thanks to “missing notes of evidence and exhibits”.

We, her children (Tania, 27; Camverra, 26 and Katrina, 23) have basically grown up with our mother’s trial. As some may say, we have been “scarred” for life, although we do not agree and instead feel empowered for life. In any case, although we will never forget what we as a family have had to endure, it is perhaps easier for members of the public to allow it to slip from their minds. And who’s to blame them, it has after all been 12 years already. But this is our plea to you. We ask if you could help reopen the public eye to the injustice that has been committed against our mother. She has sacrificed so much for society through the dedication in her work and struggle for social justice all these years and all we ask is for society to support her now in this time of need."

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