Would you like to be a published author? This might just be your opportunity to get your thoughts into print!

I’m not sure whether the above is my longest blog post title, but anyway, it’s all because of my friend from South Africa Dion Forster. Read on ..

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I like to initiate new projects, and I like it even more when these projects help to develop the people who participate in getting them going! That’s how I first got my break in publishing.

So, here’s the idea. I would like to put together a new book in which I gather some pressing questions and answers to issues that the Church is facing at present.

You don’t need to be trained as a theologian, a pastor, minister, or priest, to participate in the project! Heck, you don’t even have to be a Christian or belong to a Church, to get involved! If you think about faith, and have some questions about the Church then consider making a contribution.

Here’s what I envision:
1. What are the 10 most pressing, urgent, and difficult questions that the Church is currently facing? If you can think of a few, then drop me an email!
2. Once I have gathered responses and ranked the questions (based on how many people asked a particular question) I am going to ask for answers or responses to these questions from as many people as possible. The answers need only be a paragraph or so in length. All contributors will be referenced and properly acknowledged. We’re not looking for rocket science contributions, just honest, challenging, thought provoking, questions and answers!
3. When I have gathered sufficient feedback I will write a few comments on both the questions and answers that were supplied, as well as some introductory and concluding comments. Having done this the book will be prepared for publication and put into print!

So, if you’re interested in participating please drop me a line at digitaldion@gmail.com.

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