A Christian Response to the Palestinian Tragedy by Goh Keat Peng, Part I & II

(*Update: The text for the speech is here*). 

I hope to get Mr. Goh Keat Peng’s speech text soon For now, here’s the first 2 clips where he speaks personally as an individual Christian concerned about what is going in the Middle East at the recent COMPLETE “Save the Palestinians” event on Sunday January 18, at Bangsar Sport’s Complex. 

He  has served in various capacities in Christian organisations both in Malaysia and abroad. Among other things, he was head of a Christian-based Christian humanitarian aid organisation in Timor Leste.

He believes in the role of religion in fostering goodwill and mutual respect amongst neighbours through proper understanding of one another’s religion. It is ignorance of what the various religions profess which breeds suspicion and fear. More mature discussion between people of different religious faiths will dispel unfounded fears and ill will. Differences in philosophy and idea are indicative of the human condition. It is how we manage difference which will determine how successfully we can coexist.

Currently, Goh Keat Peng heads the secretariat for non-Muslim affairs in the Perak government and is the Executive Secretary, MCCBCHST (Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism)

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