Markus Ng (1985-2009): An Exceptional Young Man, Christ-Follower & Malaysian

[Updated – click on the link and you will hear Markus singing his own compositions – it’s hard to hold back the tears again. Kyrie Eleison]

Message from Markus’ family [February 5th, 2009]

To all of Markus’ friends and extended family:

Thank you all so much for the support shown to the family and all the heart-warming tributes to Markus. The family is truly touched by all the messages from everyone who have come together to share stories about Markus and how he has touched your lives.
You must all be wondering what actually happened to Markus. The truth is until now, the cause of his death is still not certain. Postmortem findings were negative so far, but there are more tests to be done.

Markus started working with UNICEF in November 2008. He had been working almost non-stop in the past week, sleeping only 3-4 hours a day. He came back from the office at 3am the night before his death and was found dead on his bed the next morning. His computer was still switched on. Obviously he had continued working even after coming home.

After much discussion with doctors, our theory is that his acute stress could have caused some biochemical (electrolyte) imbalance which triggered a cardiac arrythmia (sudden disarray of heart rhythm) and cardiac arrest. The whole thing is at the biochemical level and therefore, there are no organ changes to be detected at post-mortem.

The family is still trying very hard to cope with this sudden loss. Markus was not an ordinary son, friend and person. He was a future leader who genuinely cared for the society and the country. In fact, he had been in contact with former student leaders from the UK to nurture the next generation of political leaders for the country. Markus had truly been an exceptional young man and his passing is a great loss to the family, his friends and the country.

May he rest in peace and the memory of him live on forever.


This is the last picture I could find of him online.

(Thanks Pat Lu for capturing his smile)

My Tribute to Markus Ng

An Exceptional Young Man, Christ-Follower & Malaysian by Sivin Kit

If I remember rightly, I first met Markus when he came for one of our  informal "conversation" sessions before he left for studies.  I have always felt there was something special about him.

After getting to know him more these past months since his return from the UK, I have found him to be "example" to all especially those who are in the "young" category – in speech, in conduct,  in love, in faith and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12). In fact, in many ways he’s a better example than many of us in the "older" category.

I recall our conversations to be honest, frank, authentic, and reflective.  There was a depth about Markus and I admired that. His genuine quest to love God and love others is shown in the simplest of actions of giving someone a lift home, to carrying a candle standing up for justice.

I could sense in our interactions, he desired to live out a robust faith which honored Christ, and was for the good of the world. He was humble and always ready to avail himself and work with others.

I’m a pastor and we are supposed to be composed when a member of the church has been called to return to the Lord. I do not doubt Markus is safely in God’s presence and we will only know the answers to some of our questions one day when we meet again.

But today, I could not hold back my tears as I thought about Markus, I was looking forward to see him next week.  I was excited to see how this 23 year old young man will realize him dreams.  He was so kind to share a glimpse of his aspirations with some of us.   Looks like that will wait.

Many a times, he didn’t have to say it, one could feel his passion.
It’s not easy to process the grief we are going through, and my heart and prayer goes out to Markus’ family and friends who feel the sudden emptiness that comes when we lose a loved one. Even as we entrust Markus to our loving Father in heaven, I would like to especially commit the family to the Lord for comfort which only can come from him during this difficult moment.

For me, I count it an honor to have know Markus, and a blessing to have had the chance to stand with him, sit by him, and walk with him as he opened up his life to be a blessing to the rest of us.

Indeed, Markus, I thank God for you … an exceptional young man, Christ-follower, Fellow Malaysian, and in your own special way God’s blessing to the world in every sphere you were able to touch during your time with us.
Shalom… Until we meet again.

* * *

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