New Theme for My Blog!

It’s been a long time since I’ve changed the theme for this blog.  I’m happy to focus on the content 🙂 Once a while it’s good to have a change.

Thanks to Bob K who is my current tech guru and the one that helps me out since I’m technologically challenged when it comes to details for my blogs, he’s installed a few themes which I can choose from.

The current theme for Sivin Kit’s Garden uses Inanis Glass 1.3 by Inanis

I just discovered you can change the theme at will by the blog reader.  Hope you like it.

The Options are:

Void – default


Life (which has a nice natural green look)


Earth (with rocks and all)


Wind (with nice clouds in a blue sky)


Water (with bubbles)


Fire (blazing hot)


Light (basically white and ultra minimalist)

About Sivin Kit

man of one wife, father of four kids
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