Random Thoughts on a Sunny Monday


Reading the news today made me wonder whether the 13th General Elections may come earlier than we expect it to. 😛 I hope someone is collecting material to either do a TV series or blockbuster Movie someday.  Maybe that will be our moment of fame at the Oscars!

Time is moving so fast.  It’s already Monday. We’re entering April around the corner. Everyday with every new word uttered, Ewan reminds me the joys of growing up.  The world is full of pain and tragedy, ugliness and hatred, but through his eyes it’s a window to wonder once again.

The break last week at Cameron Highlands was a needed one.  It gave me some needed space and bonus collective memories with the family. At the end of the day, whatever people say about us in public or however people perceive us, it’s those who are closest to us that counts.

The last two ‘sacred space’ moments have been so precious.  Short and yet potent with spiritual nourishment.  It’s great to slowly return to some rhythm in journaling.  That’s always a good sign for me.  Our attention is often pulled into 101 directions, and for me the practice of journaling indicates to me I’m centering again.  A deep seated peace is where one can operate from amidst the storms.

There’s a kind of freedom in the genre of blogging.  Nice change from a lot of the academic stuff I was in the last couple of months.  But I was surprised to find a different kind of freedom in the academic arena too.  So, for that I’m thankful.

Today, the temptation is to jump into the work or ministry related things occupying my mind.  Well, some of that was prayerfully noted this morning.  Some sketches and scribbles are on paper.  But it’s a ‘Sabbath’ today.  So, most can wait for tomorrow.

Now, it’s off to pick Elysia from school, later Gareth.  Learning to live in the ‘now’ can be a great gift. Giving each other ‘presence’ in the ‘present’. The past is left behind the future can wait. 🙂

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