An Uncommon Pastor: Dion Forster

It was great to have a focused time with my South African friend Dion Forster. It’s amazing how’ we’ve kept touch since our first encounter. If I’m not mistaken, the catalyst for our friendship was my assignment to be his driver and shuttle him to STM for a lecture! (Note: I suddenly realized how many friendships I’ve formed out of being a driver!)

Dion is quite an uncommon organic intellectual! He holds a doctorate in theology and science (Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, and African Theology). He has published numerous books (click here to read more). He is also a consultant and chaplain to the Global Day of Prayer / Transformation Africa movement. So quite an uncommon pastor. Plus, there’s more to Dion than the short descriptions I’ve mentioned thus far.  Check here.

I was so energized and encouraged after spending the afternoon yesterday with him.  Conversations that leaped from topic to topic which included personal life, family, spirituality, church, social justice, theology, philosophy, ethics, leadership, academics, hobbies, interests, and so on.  It was amazing how we managed to cover so much ground.

Dion was the first person to alert me to the vast theological resources coming out of the South African context.  And it’s stayed with me ever since our first meeting.  Nice to get updates on the current scene, and more interesting is how he personally works things out himself.  The video above entitled “Dealing with Critical people” where he responds to a particular website captures some of the thinking processes he goes through.I find I have so much to learn from Dion.

Reading this post, made we wonder maybe we are long lost twins.  ROFL.  All in all, the timing is awesome.  God knows just what we need as we walk along in small steps along our journey.  He brings alongside us friends who will be in companionship and conversation throughout our adventures here on earth. Thanks Dion for your friendship. Thanks be to the Triune God for including us in your dance!

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