Random Thoughts with the “Once” Soundtrack through the earphones


Lots of pictures lately.  Hardly much writing.  Surprised to know again that there are those who have found my scribblings of some help. It’s nice to know.

What a week of highs and lows, up in the mountains and deep in the valleys.  Paradoxical moments, tough decisions, needed pauses, heart strengthening kinds words, a smile which would bring joy, and the whole range of emotions.

Sometimes, we might prefer to be numb from the pain as well as pleasures of being able to feel.  There’s a side of us that is cerebral and rational. But does leave us cold.  On the other hand, the side that is warm enables us to get in touch with our humanity is often  fuzzy and unpredictable.

We live in the midst of all this, and then we try to make sense of what to do.  At times, the pleasure of just being in the “now” is a rare gift, and we wish it can remain there as long as possible.  But the days come and go, just like the clouds in the sky, I have never seen the same exact formation twice.

It was nice to sit down and finally consider the possibility of writing a book.  The questions forced me to think through the journey that is needed to get to the final product. Perhaps, the whole exercise will help me through this key phases before the next baby and big steps.

It’s nice to have a Saturday when I don’t need to think about the sermon tomorrow.  I think God is gracious because he knows I need a short break and breather.  Funny, how I was told having a break from the Bible study was a big sigh of relief too.  Yes, it’s okay to have a pause and not just rush forward, or just get pushed forward by whatever current whether good or bad. Pauses are good. It can’t be too wrong!

There will be times in one’s pilgrimage where one is clearly not alone.  But there might be other times where one will be alone and even lonely. It’s tough but we hold on and press on. Will there be light at the end of the tunnel?

So, this is another one of those “begin again” attempts in putting words back into this blog.  Pictures are great, but paragraphs are good too. And somehow the interplay of pictures and paragraphs we await for light to break forth, whether it’s a promise of God or an unexpected insight – a timely word  in our time of need – or even a needed silence no matter what we need.

The soundtrack has reached a nice title to end the post, “And the healing has begun”.

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