The Micah Mandate: From Gaza to Green Concerns


I have so much to catch up as far as my reading and writing is concerned.



06 June 2010 | By TK Tan

These days I am literally “on the ball”. My chiropractor has deemed my core muscles weak and needing strengthening so as to hold up my spine better. And so she prescribed a Swiss ball – a large ball made from some strong but slightly elastic material – for me to. Continue Reading


Baby hatches – a tragic option?

06 June 2010 | By Peter Young

At the outset, we must remember that God the Father loves each baby so much that he sent his Son to die for everyone born into the world (or aborted before birth). Also, we must remember that it is God’s social order that parents of any child should be married.. Continue Reading


Sustainable Cities: Environment Issues in Penang and Selangor

05 June 2010 | By Tricia Yeoh

Much has been said about the little that emerged from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last December 2009. Well, the Copenhagen Accord was finally signed by major economies including the US and China, committing to limit the rise in global temperatures to two degrees Celsius. However, there. Continue Reading


Global christian community urges end to Gaza blockade

03 June 2010 | By Administrator

While many reports and views have been reported in the news, what is the global christian community saying about the incident? Here are some: World Council of Churches It is with great distress that the World Council of Churches received the news that the Israeli naval forces stormed a Gaza-bound. Continue Reading


A mere whimper of a prayer

01 June 2010 | By Goh Keat Peng

My attempts late last night and early this morning at describing the meaning of Gaza and the plight of its people have all ended with neither coherence nor completion. Words fail. I could find no mind or talent or technique equal to the task. So much needs to be done. Continue Reading


Those days

30 May 2010 | By TK Tan

These days I hear a lot about “those days”. Mostly because of the frequent advertisements on Astro featuring Santokh Singh and Soh Chin Aun. Seeing these two bring back memories of a time long past when these characters dominated the national football landscape. In the ad Santokh Singh said: “Those. Continue Reading

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