Random Thoughts before taking a 4am Bus


This is going to be really random.

Sometimes we wonder what on earth did we get into. And yet we still need to plough through till the end.

“The human heart” is such a complex organ – biologically and metaphorically.  We can’t survive without it, and yet so unpredictable.

Just when you think you know who you are and you are settled in your identity, then whack! You stop and wonder, “Who am I really?”

Simple truths are so deep, they come in simple sentences and simple paragraphs.  And yet, packed with potent profound insights which simply makes me pause and pay attention again.

Watching things get dismantled makes me wonder what’s being dismantled in my own pilgrimage. The space after “stuff” is removed breathes with new space but not without a dusty route towards it.

We often think we are in control.  But the fact is we are not. Unless, we lock ourselves alone and are shield ourselves from the potential of another’s touch whether tough or tender.

Perhaps breathing the air across the sea will bring new perspectives, usually it does even if it’s not too far away.  We don’t have to go too far to have a fresh look at ourselves and our environment.

This is still quite random.

Focus and frustration are such close cousins. The distance between them was much closer than I thought.

“Highs” and “Lows” are close siblings.  One “High” could be followed by a “Low” in a split second.

It’s in moments in between all this that we somehow learn what it means to be human. In a world where we’re expected to operate machine-like, it’s not that easy to just be what we were meant to be.

No more random thoughts for now.

Except . . .

Looks like one doesn’t have to keep on wanting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  One can try to see the glimpses of light or strains of light breaking out in the darkness.

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