Random Thoughts after a full stomach in Sibu


The landing was a little bumpy.  But that’s life. Sometimes we get a great lift off and less than perfect landing. Other times we struggled to fly, and then glides smoothly to the ground.

The air con is REALLY cold in this room. It’s a little funny to watch the World Cup football matches on a streamyx line on TV with occasional distorted images.

I found myself secretly supporting two World Cup teams because of people I know, when usually I would have supported the other one.  Proves to me again, I connect with an issue, a cause or even a team because of a relationship with someone I care. That’s how I relate, that’s how I remember, it’s the way I function.  I’m cool about it.

Listening to my favorite music.  Somehow it brings bitter sweet feelings, but over and above that there’s healing in the melody and harmonies.  The wonders of music and what it does with my soul – at times I think my soul is pretty strong, but often it’s pretty fragile.  How does one survive? The image of God breathing into Adam comes to my mind, it’s God’s life which not only gives me life to start off, but most definitely it’s God’s life sustains us every seconds along the way.

The title of the blog post hints about food.  I’ll just say this: “It’s been fulfilling”. 🙂 The curry fish and kind of sweet and savory pork was memorable tonight. Ah .. it’s amazing how the fact of typing the last few sentences, the taste buds recapture the flavor" 🙂 the Human mind is either playing tricks on me or simply amazing.  God you are good!

Back to some “flying” talk. What gives one more pleasure?  Flying freely in the sky or walking on the edge? One appears to have totally nothing tying you down, and you glide and float in the air, turn freely and swing to any direction you want.  When you’re on the edge, you’re must make sure your grip is tight and right, every step is calculated with a slight test touch.  If you are high up on the edge of a cliff and moving along the rocks, better watch out if you are afraid of height!  Rich metaphors both of them. Isn’t it true we have a good mix of episodes which have elements of either one of them or both?

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