Feedback – Food for Champions

That’s a “slogan” my fellow Toastmasters always toss around when they’re doing evaluation for speeches. Today is a good day with an email, some posts in this blog and reading someone elses blog yesterday. All three are people outside of BLC, two from HELP CF, one is from a youth (now in USA) I got to know years ago at his family camp.

So often pastors like me (and I believe Christians in general who are investing in people’s lives) wonder what impact have we on those we serve. If it’s not negative impact, we’re already thankful. When it’s positive and constructive and somehow by the Spirit and grace makes a difference in their lives, I’m struck with the awesomeness(in there such a word? hehe) of God’s quiet and long term work!

I’m so glad they wrote and for some wrote back. These words truly become food not just fit for champions but nourishes the human soul and I believe delights the heart of God. They’ve become “Barnabas'” to me as well …

At times the feedback we get is for correcting our course of life. In times like this, it’s construcing our humanity (i.e. growth as a person) and indirectly contributing to our spirituality (i.e. growth in Christlikeness). We need both, I’m glad I get one more than the other when it’s the time I need it most. God is very good with timing …

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