Life is complex!


It’s almost yearly we have to go through a series of events, conversations, meetings, and experiences to remind us again – life is so full of complexity. Quite often it’s overwhelming, other times it motivates us to resolve conflicts, many a times we fall flat on our face in despair (awaiting God’s re-fill of energy to get up!).

After reading Alan J. Roxburgh’s The Shape of our Known World and introduced to a humurous “Cats” analogy and the closing mention of “Complexity theory” (surfed the net and got linked to this comprehensive website), I felt a little comforted with the possibility of seeing the world I live in with a new probably more “realistic” lens (informed by the insights of systems & complexity theory).


But, then life is full of complexity and often chaos …. after just short moment of calmness, an unexpected turn of events can always surprise us again!

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