AMC Day 2 : My stomach & mind – full!

Last night’s key-note address by Prof. Lamin Sanneh was a dense historical-insightful exposition on Mission. Two things really caught my attention, primarily after Dr. Vinay Samuel’s response and questions from the floor.

The first was when Prof. Sanneh made this statement that we are living in unprecedented times, where we live with a post-western Christianity and a post-Christian west.

The second was how in contrast with the development of Islam, Christianity has walked a very different path and walked through many shifts and will continue to do so (e.g. from a primarily Jewish context –> Gentile world –> Roman Christendom –> etc. another lens is the modern missionary movement and how Christianity settles in our a variety of cultures)

Dr. Hwa Yung pointed out a Christianity Today Interview where some of these thoughts are shared.

Loads of us checking emails here (me blogging?! hahah!)

Sat through two insightful and stimulating sessions this morning:
1. The theory and practice of church growth by Dr. Hong Young-gi, President, Institute of Church Growth, Seoul, Korea

2. Signs, wonders & spiritual warfare and Holistic Mission in Asia by Dr. Paulson Pulikottil

more later! BTW, as usual in conferences we eat and eat – tea breaks, lunch, breakfast, etc. But, in this one, we don’t get much time to sleep …

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