AMC Day 4: Imagine

I’m going to slip into bed soon and possibly drift into deep sleep and dream a little. I found Dr. Tim Dearborn to be helpful in modeling how Mission partnerships can be viewed from the angle of World Vision and I found their whole process of rethinking and shifting to a more theologically reflected mindset to be most helpful. I feel I need to do that firstly as a local church pastor and slowly develop this further layering the insights after experimentation. I think I need to work a little harder to process through every topic we’ve tried to “think through” through the lens of a local church and ask …

“What does this mean for me personally and specifically for BLC?”

“What are some ways we can move forward?”

“who can I talk to the start the process going?”

“What are some baby steps?”

“What are some bigger steps for the long term?”

I guess I just don’t want to leave this place overloaded with mere information but I’d like to go one step further to play my part in this whole mosiac of possibilities. Not only stirred to think constructively but also willing to creatively do something about it.

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