AMC Day 5: The beginning

It may be the end of the Asian Mission Conference but it’s definately the BEGINNING of much more CONSTRUCTIVE REFLECTION & CREATIVE ACTION on our part.

I found this to be one of the most enriching conferences I’ve participated in and it has planted so many seeds that need time to grow and bear fruit in due time. I enjoyed the “German”-“Western” perspectives by Wolfgang (my fellow companion) to the conference just conversing and bouncing all sorts of heartfelt ideas and insights.

Working through the draft statement was also a rewarding statement and I’m please to have tried to contribute in a small way. I wonder how did the early church work out the creeds? and we were talking about the landmark Vatican II process of the Roman Catholic church, how did they manage? so, this was a useful exercise for me. The last one I was part of was probably the LWF Youth in Church & society Asian Youth Consultation. the AMC was totally at a different level.

Here are some memorable moments for me:

– The first night my heart was just warmed when i could hear my African-Ugandan fellow delegate sing and improvise a little behind me. It enriched my worship tremendously.

– Another one was when two Koreans sang in Korean a couple of Taize songs with such prayerful posture and attitude … such is the power of authentic worship arising from lives devoted to Jesus Christ.

– The vivid pictures of persecution found in Indonesia still disturbs me and causes me to want to intercede more for th persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Solidarity comes forth with greater intensity for me especially with the persecuted.

– a couple of “selah” clips here and there when the pianist accompanied us so excellently. Those times when words were not necessary and standing before God in silence was beautiful.

– Talking with fellow Malaysians about the condition of the Malaysian churches, Christian leaders and our witness back home expanded my mind, sparked some hope and yet breathed in some caution & discernment.

– Having a chance to meet some of the people I’ve read or merely glanced by in a footnote now in flesh & blood does make a strong difference in how one reads their work again. Behind all the words, paragraphs, and sentences are people who are engaged in passionate quest for a new kind of Asian Christianity. What a privilege to get to know them in person and allow this “encounter” to affect change in me.

– the conversations, the eaves-dropping, the meals together, walks to 7-Eleven, sitting in the computer room and in the words one delegate – “a gathering of email-junkies!” ….

Sad in some ways this has to end (for a while), but glad that new beginnings would sprout up in the 17 Asian nations represented here (and of course there are some African and a couple of western countries with us). What a “pit stop” … and now we move on!

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