The Word Made Fresh

May Chin, Gareth & I had a refreshing post-Christmas holiday at Port Dickson the last three days & two nights. A much needed time for us as a family to be “made fresh”. Gareth was frowning at the strange sands he was trying to walk on! But, he had lots (I mean lots!) of time at the seaside pool! We got some necessary sleep as well. Thanks to wonderful friends we could spend a wonderful time at Avillion Port Dickson. God truly has blessed us through them!

On a different note and yet in the same spirit, here’s A Call for a Renewal of the Evangelical Spirit from a group of evangelical thinkers & leaders that want us to keep an environment where we can constantly remain fresh in our reflection & action.


we call all evangelical leaders and thinkers not to reject out of hand constructive theological proposals that are reverently rooted in biblical reflection, even when they challenge aspects of what some consider to be the “received evangelical tradition.” Rather than a sign of decline, constructive theological endeavour and rigorous debate about theological issues are marks of evangelical theological vitality. Premature closure of dialogue and debate by means of condemnations and threats of exclusion, in contrast, disrupts community and often quenches the Spirit who brings new life and leads us toward ever more faithful readings of God’s Word. Therefore, we admonish all evangelicals to resist attempts to propagate rigid definitions of evangelicalism that result in unnecessary alienation and exclusion. And we call all evangelicals to affirm the genuine diversity and fresh reflection, rooted in the authority of the written Word and centred on the Word incarnate, that has always been the hallmark of the true evangelical spirit.
(emphasis mine)

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