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I’ll miss this “Kanchil” for “just a little while” because I do need to “leave it behind” (two U2 tunes running in my mind when I keyed in the last phrase!)

The first time I seriously thought of the cost of living was when as pastors we were given a COLA (i.e. Cost of Living Allowance) on top of our salary. The trip to the money changers heightened my sensitivity to the matter. May Chin and I were comparing Singapore and Malaysia a while ago as we have friends and family there.

Screenshots has a whole series of interesting exchanges in this matter … some “raw” material and thoughts for my upcoming “Abundant Life” series 🙂

It all got me going after his post on How about cost of doing business in Malaysia?

I just simply pulled out some stuff for your preview. Reading the whole discussion is much better (I’ll throw in a bonus Cost of living in Australia view!).


Suggesting you’ll be living in Nottingham and holding down a top job is like saying you will be working for a top agency in Malaysia while living in Muar – it don’t compute (let alone commute).
~ Mailbag 20040624

Firstly, the comparison was made if it were to be pound for pound and not a direct coversion rate. Anyone in the right mind would know that it would cost a hell of a lot more if you were to convert it. – Polis, Nottingham

Malaysians who compare cost of living of UK / London to Malaysia by converting currency should refrain from giving comments as it is not the right way of comparing. We must always compare one to one. – Dr. Zain, London
~ Mailbag 20040625

What I am talking about is relative cost of living. My point is this – it’s about quality of life. For all its faults Malaysia does offer Malaysians a good quality of life in a number of respects. I suspect that few of the Malaysians living in the UK who have written in are poor. I wonder how many British people on benefits they know. I wonder what they think it is like to try to raise two children on less than �100 per week as a single parent in a country where the extended family is much less functional than in Malaysia and where you have to make decisions in the winter about which rooms to heat in your freezing house.
~ Mailbag 20040626

In actual fact, Malaysians are being conned because for such a rich and resource rich country, the pay in Malaysia is way too low compared to the cost of living and inflation. One good example is Singapore. Singaporeans (average) earns around S$3000 to S$4000 and nearly everything is half the price of Malaysia. Eg clothes, computer parts, electronics etc. But the average Malaysian still earns RM$2000 plus and goods are double the price of Singapore
~ Mailbag 20040627

I agree with those readers who urged readers or writers not to convert pounds or various types of dollars into ringgit when assessing cost of living, provided they are living in those countries. Mind you, if you are a tourist, I don’t think you can help doing so.
~ Cost of living in Australia

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