When Rev. Wolfgang explained to me the “integrated” train system in Germany, I already had a “decent” expectation. And of course, after some days in London this does not seem to come as a surprise. Back home, often we just expect “inefficiency” in our transport system and then have complaints here and there.

It’s been some time since I’ve travelled, and this is the first time after 7 years I’m on my adventures alone! But a “well-organized-efficient-integrated system” really helped someone like me who’s a newcomer or visitor to a foreign land. And I’m glad I effectively landed where I wanted to be.


I guess, the smiling face kind of shows the “proper confidence” I had before reaching Nuernberg. And when I think about the amount of effort to prepare for my “trip” and “share the load” to BLC leaders, I appreciated once again the need for a good dose of “efficiency” and getting things “organized” and structured.

The “structured-planned-organized” part of the process actually “sets us free” to be relational, get creative juices bubbling, and move on. While I enjoy the fluid-ness of creativity and imagination and all that goes along that, it takes more than that to get the job done …

To all those that have helped me get more organized (especially my wife!), cheers!

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