Random Thoughts before I Sleep

I just feel like putting up stuff I wanted to before I left from Malaysia for my little Sabbathical this month. So here goes …

Roy Lim’s Religious Talk is a great post that is a great resource for my upcoming “How not to share the gospel” talk in one of the varsity Christian Fellowship.

Oh I guess that was the only burning post I can think of. Maybe it’s just time to sleep … It’s finally dark now!

Just as a bonus, I appreciate what Maggi said about Virtual becomes Reality


Virtual is good for lots of things. But it can’t beat sharing a real lunch or cup of coffee, real voices, real laughter, real look-you-in-the-eyes conversation. So far I’m happy to find (in this blog village at any rate) that people are not disappointingly different from their cyber-identities, but they are even more interesting in the flesh. Here’s to friendship, virtual and real.

Another bonus!

After meeting Jason Clark in person, I really looking forward to what he has to say about All I ever learned planting an emerging church because now when I read what he says, there’s a better context of understanding him. The stories exchanged in our recent encounter provides the depth needed to appreciate the words I have read and will read all this while.

His other post on Burnt out at 30? Welcome to the ‘quarter-life crisis’. will be something to sleep on tonight. I’m going to be 32 in October (presents anyone?)

ok I resisted the tempation to post with a picture … 🙂 anyway, the “real” somehow morphes the whole “virtual” experiences past, present and future. Strange but significant …

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