A Long Walk …


At home in Malaysia we don’t walk that much. It’s usually in and out of the car, or the most to and fro the public transport points. Plus, the weather at home is hot and humid so it’s not too “conducive” I suppose.

So when we were told we’ll be having a walk to our dinner destination I thought, “Oh! That should be ok!” But it was much longer than I expected.


But then when you wallk with a group then it’s so much more fun. I was glad that I could get to know more people in the Summer School and of course managed to get some much needed excercise after all these “rich meals” so far. Phew!


I turned around and then saw this scene and couln’t resist a nice “cool” shot. Our Korean friend was also having a fun with his more sophisticated camera. All these little moments would have been missed if we rushed off in a car.


we passed through some nice houses and I took some cute funny pictures here and there which will be for another time. But, it was funny how all of us landed up with “photography-fever” which was infected by you know who! I felt I took too little of England when I was there 🙂 And then we arrived at a traditional German dinner venue.


The next thing on the agenda of course is order food and eat, eat, eat … but of course, there was a lot of talking and laughing. I think all of us participants are getting to bond a bit more after three days. I was glad to spend some time tallking to “modern day” Moravians (more on that another post!). We even had some singing as well and it’s not all because of the German beer. It’s some genuine relationships forming here! 🙂


I really enjoyed my walk back talking with the brother from Samoa and later another one from Papa New Guinea (PNG). And especially the last lap as the temperature was falling, the PNG pastor and I took the lead and went ahead. But the whole time was a precious opportunity for interaction and just getting a better feel of where we are coming from and indirectly at least for me … a better view of myself. All this during the long walk back to our “home” – the guesthouse.

And indeed after every long walk we look forward to “home” and my “tentative home” was indeed welcoming when I stepped into the garden. Somehow all this has some relevance to our journey in life, faith and ministry. All this walking, talking, listening, friendship, community, rest, refreshment, learning …etc. is heightened in an experience which is out of the “routine” for me. And yet, these are crucial elements I need to be aware off and even “intentionally” structure into the fabric of my everyday life. So often, I too am “sucked” into a “whirlpool” of life in the city and whatever comes with it.

I’ll leave it here and allow the Spirit to carry on the connections possible.


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