Wow! Malaysia is a blessed country this year! As I mentioned in an earlier post we have the WCC Faith and Order Theological Forum on, and about the same time the International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS) is having their the XIth Quadrennial International Conference with the theme “THE INTEGRITY OF MISSION IN THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL:Bearing the Witness of the Spirit” There’s loads of resources on the site:

1. Conference Plenary Papers
2. Mission Study Group Guides
3. Tabled Papers

I’ve learnt here that it might be overwhelming all this “information”, “words” and “ideas”. But there’s a place for this kind of multiple or global interaction. It helps one not to be too locked into our own world. And yet, at the same time it’s important we work out what does all this mean for us locally and what’s next for us so all this won’t be just another “paper collection” exercise.

Thanks to the kind people who post their stuff online. Local pastors like me can “engage” the issues and ideas presented by the “thinkers” who are willing to share. Who knows what kind of “butterfly effect”-kind of work we can do?

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