Missing Home …


when I heard my mainland China friends’ son speak to his father as he was using his webcam, it really made me miss home … and miss the voices of those whom I love and treasure.

I’ll probably be more “disconnected” from Wednesday onward as we’ll be off to the Luther sites and I’m not sure about internet access (which has helped us to be a little bit more in touch.)

I really do hope and will plan to take May Chin and Gareth either for a local trip (more affortable) or an overseas trip (if possible) when I return. The time here so far has been good but it would have been even greater if we could have experienced many of the moments together (of course the official stuff like Summer School probably is more for me personally)

Judith (wife of he German theological consultant) bought this heart shaped “biscuit” for me (or more for May Chin) and Wolgang explained that it means “For my little sparrow”. And it’s great right now that I finally “caught” May Chin on Yahoo Messenger and we can chat a little … looking forward to fly around with her bringing Gareth along for not only adventures in terms of traveling but more so with life in all it’s fulness!

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