Three Questions of Discernment

Thanks Prodigal Kiwi for these three helpful questions and a quote from Rowan Williams.

After these two weeks of intensive “reflecting” and “learning”, I realize more and more that people like tend to want “answers” quickly (usually from others) when the formulation of “good” questions actually helps us to discover the answers better for our own context, so here goes:

(a)What course of action more fully seems to resonate with the kind of life Christ lived and lives?

(b)What course of action opens up more possibilities for God to ‘come through’?

(c)What opens rather than closes doors for God’s healing, forgiving, reconciling, and creating work to go on?

“There is no guarantee that in any situation there will be only one clear and compelling answer. In the process of asking these questions, in the very process of reflecting and discerning we are making space in ourselves for the life of Christ and the creative movement of Godů”


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