Random Thoughts on 1st Sunday 2005

I haven’t really written down much as far as “traditional new year resolutions” are concerned. One thing for sure at least for this week is to see how I can support The Tsunami Aid Day project this Saturday January 8th 2005 from 10am – 3pm, initiated by Chin Hor and Jochebed. (please let me know if you are interested to help)

Willzhead talks about investing in some projects in his post “Planning for 2005” sparked me to think about a number of projects I’m already part of for example, catalysing “helpful” changes for the Lutheran Bible Training Institute as well as connecting relevant parties to make these changes good for the long term.

A more personal learning project as far as studies is concerned is my Masters of Theology programme which according to the letter of acceptance I’m supposed to start this month 🙂 I had a good talk with a wiser sage in this area and thus got a little kick to start off with this here

Family projects would include welcoming Baby no.2, and figuring out how to best to partner with May Chin in terms of Gareth’s character formation. 🙂 which is a massive long term project.

A side project that seems to have emerged is some writing opportunities. I’ve always been supportive the work of Kairos Research Centre (They did published my first and only book review thus far). Missed out on the last movie review I promised (due to a painful unforeseen circumstance). I hope to make some amends this year. Based on the last friendly phone call, they will give me a second chance. 🙂 The Bridge (a Chinese Christian Magazine) gave me a chance to respond to with some thoughts on Worship (I replied their interview in English and they translated it into Chinese). I hope to write another piece for a North American Magazine, but let me get it written first and see whether it’s accepted before I say anything more.

And then there’s the local church project officially known as Bangsar Lutheran Church and affectionately nicknamed The Father’s House. There’s still a lot of work to be done here.

Beyond the local church, It’s going to be interesting to see how the tentatively named Emergent Malaysia project will progress (for some background you can start here).

Got to go … the Gareth Project is calling. Until the next round … life is not so neat and tidy!

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