Tsunami Aid Day


Please contact me if you’d like to participate in any way. The following is Wong Chin Hor & Jochebed Jayasooria email invite to all.


Dear all,

We are organizing a ‘Tsunami Aid Day’ to collect Tsunami Relief Funds.
This event will be held at Grace Methodist Church Sentul basketball
court next Saturday, January 8, 2004, from 3pm till 7pm. This drive
will be done up with a bazaar/carnival/flea market type of setting but
its motives are strictly for raising awareness and collecting funds,
clothing, food, toys etc. for victims of the Tsunami in Myanmar and
Thailand. There will be food and music during the event. With the
recent tsunami event, they are calling out for funds from all over the
world, so we are given the opportunity to do our bit as well, it may
not be much, but every little effort at this moment counts.

We invite and encourage you to come and play a part in making this
happen. We hope to invite you, as you represent someone from our
social circle of family, relatives, friends, church members etc. We
hope this email finds you well and hope that you will come join us on
Saturday as well as spread the word and encourage others to join you
as well. Although both Bangsar Lutheran Church and Grace Methodist
Church are collaborating on this project in conjunction with World
Vision, we do assure you that this isn’t a church event but is open to
anyone and everyone. At this point when life is so fragile, there
should not be racial or religious barriers but we should celebrate
life together. We already have friends who are of different races and
religions joining us and we hope you do too.

Thank you for your time reading this email. We hope this initiative
can be shared with you and your family and friends too. The reason we
are conducting this event is so all of us can dedicate a few hours of
our time to the victims and survivors of this incident. Rather than
just giving the money or dropping of clothes, we hope to go a bit
further to acknowledge this tragedy and the lives lost. Also, it is a
time to appreciate our lives and the fact that we were not the ones
directly affected.

This has been our call to action and we hope it spurs you to do your
part as well. Thank you again and hope to hear from you! If you need
more information and details, feel free to email us for it!

Best regards,
Wong Chin Hor & Jochebed Jayasooria


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