Random Thoughts after 1st 2005 Toastmasters


It was nice to get reconnected with many of my friends from Bangsar Toastmasters Club. I plan to finish off more speeches this year, is that a new year resolution? I suppose so …

Today’s opening Inspiration really resonated with me especially when there’s talk about life and what’s it all about and meaning. We were shown pictures of the Asian Tsunami tragedy to connect with what opening speaker was trying to convey in 4minutes or so.

I also used the one minute silence we had in memory of the victims and transformed it to a time of personal silent intercession.

Glad to catch up with one of the club members on the phone and found out he was admitted in hospital for a minor surgery. We laughed over the phone. I promised to pray for him tonight. He’s a Hindu.

I find myself again and again enjoying my relationship with other fellow club members old and new. I realize that it had not developed to be very deep but I think there’s genuine care.

I still find it a challenge to prepare speeches. I’ve enjoyed doing evaluations though. I find myself still needing to improve a lot … My “Ahs” and other speech crutches are not totally eliminated.

I’ve kind of decided not to enter any competitions therefore volunteering to be context chair for the next speech contest was the best next way that I could contribute to the club I guess. I haven’t been doing much especially the second half of 2004 (espcially with the travel to UK and Germany, the pre and post activities).

I found the energy of a couple of new comers very refreshing. New blood is so important for any club and community. I recall many times when it was just the same old faces which was ok but somehow new blood brings new life. The more veteran members bring some continuity.

Hmm…. today they started eating most of the food already and the caterer left by the time we had our break in the middle (that’s where we used to have our “makan”/eating time). Indirectly, the effect of this made me want to come earlier the next round. Any lessons here for late birds? no more worms? or left overs? *smile*

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