Random Thoughts after a pretty good night

My mind was wondering about some floating insights and ideas I might post on with titles like Ugly Christians, Lazy Christians, Busy Christians, Crazy Christians 🙂 I think it was inspired by Ugly Malaysians 🙁

Tonight, we had a good time at our “resurrected” LiFE Group (with Baptism/Affimation Class elements thrown in) and then there would be another set of titles Curious Christians, Laughing Christians, Beautiful Christians, energizing Christians. 🙂

I really enjoyed seeing the two smaller groups asking questions and workin on their sample answers around issues raised on the Bible. It’s kind of allowing people to try out their “Beta” version answers and then fine-tuning it or even correcting the trial and error answers. Of course, the process is less linear but then it’s rewarding. If any one of them blogs about it. It would be interesting to see it from their point of view (*hint hint*)

Finally, I’ve come to the place where I learnt the first basic moves for the “famous” tambourine dance “Full Gospel move”. It was pretty fun (of course we didn’t use tambourines). And when we sang the African song together especially when we could manage two parts. Something raw emerged in the simplicity of worship .. which later was I think pretty beautiful later when we moved into the classic “Abba Father”.

I was delighted when I saw Gareth just smile at us when we were singing the African song and then later join us in and out of the meeting. At least when the meeting is held here in the house we stay in (note: not our house *grin*) he’s close by to Papa.

Well … it’s been a pretty good night.

Good night!

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